I am Golam Sarwar Sarina . founder of Sarina Interiors

Golam Sarwar Sarina is the founder of Sarina Interiors, based in Austin, Texas. Golam Sarwar moved from India to the United States with his parents when he was 5 years old.

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Golam Sarwar Sarina

He acquired a solid foundation of the dos and don’ts of the design industry while working with his father, which covered everything from the principles of color theory to more complicated concepts like color psychology and its impact on people. Golam became fascinated with the science of interior design more than architecture. At an early age, he realized that he wanted to build his career in the field of interior design. During his senior year of high school, Golam took advantage of a dual enrollment program to jump-start his career. 


Golam Sarwar Sarina

Golam Sarwar Sarina is the visionary behind Sarina Interiors, a design studio based in Austin, Texas. When Golam was only five years old, he moved to America with his parents from India and has been dedicated to interior design ever since. His father served as an architect in Austin after their migration and proved to be one of Golam’s greatest sources of inspiration throughout his career. With four decades under his belt, Golam brings endless expertise and talent to each project at hand.


Mr. Sarwar was the one who first opened Golam’s eyes to the world of design and interiors. During summer breaks, as well as after school days, Golam used to help his father with his studio—this is when a passion for designs and interiors ignited within him.


During his time with his father, he assimilated robust information on the fundamentals of design, from color theory to more complex notions like how color psychology influences people.


From a young age, Golam was drawn to the art of interior design over architecture. It became clear that he wanted his future career path to be in this field. Taking advantage of dual enrollment opportunities available during his senior year in high school, Golam began taking strides towards achieving his ambitions and putting him on the track for success early on.


By the time his peers were freshmen, Golam was already a sophomore. After completing his bachelor’s degree in Interior Architecture and Design from the School of Design and Creative Technology in Austin, he formally joined forces with his father at their architectural design firm as an assistant and established a brand new interior design department!


Golam’s passion for creativity and color selection, coupled with his expertise in window treatments and furniture placement, earned him a loyal fan base over time. After the passing of his father in 1993, Golam decided to establish Sarina Interiors – an independent venture dedicated to delivering beyond expectations; consistently coming up with timely ideas that captivated the market. Today, after three decades since its inception, hundreds of residential and commercial clients have reaped rewards from Golam’s business acumen.


Golam Sarwar is overjoyed to have turned his passion into a livelihood. He relishes hearing from customers and observing their enthusiasm when he helps bring their decorating visions to life. In addition to fulfilling the dreams of his clients, Golam is an adoring father of two children and provides constant encouragement for his wife Rakhi, a freelance IT professional. Aside from work, Golam loves traveling around the world and savoring different cuisines.

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